SubZone v1.2 released

Chris Baume | 26 Jan 2024 | 2 mins

Today we’re pleased to release an update to SubZone that adds a crucial new feature for optimizing your subwoofer’s position.

With most audio systems, bass management is used to send low frequencies to the subwoofer, and higher frequencies to the main speakers. The frequency that separates the two is called the ‘crossover frequency’. Subwoofers also have a limited frequency range that they can reproduce, which is usually listed in their specification.

Version 1.2 of SubZone allows you to take the crossover frequency and subwoofer range into account by optimizing for a target frequency range. By focusing on the frequencies that are actually produced by the subwoofer, you will be able to find the position with the smoothest response for that range.

You can set the target range using the sliders underneath the frequency response plot. When you change the range, the heatmap will update as the scores automatically optimise to those frequencies.

Many of you have been asking about how to measure non-rectangular rooms. Although SubZone is only designed to simulate rectangular spaces, it may still be helpful in choosing where to put a sub for more complex room layouts. We’ve added some guidance to help with this on the room setup screen, and added some example floor plans in the documentation.

Finally, we’ve made some other small changes that many of you requested, such as the ability to edit listening positions (which you can do by long-pressing the button), adding concrete as an option for ceiling materials, and labeling the axes of the frequency response plot (always label your axes!).

We have many more updates planned, so watch this space. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, please do get in touch using the button below.


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