Privacy-focused transcription

Transfix is a free web-based tool that transcribes speech recordings privately and securely within your browser. Its novel user interface allows you to quickly correct any mistakes by clicking on alternative words that are presented.

Our unique solution is different from other transcription services as all of your data is processed locally. Your files and transcriptions are not uploaded to any server, guaranteeing complete privacy and security. We achieve this by running a lightweight speech-to-text engine within your own web browser. This also means you can start transcribing straight away, without having to wait for any files to upload.

As with any speech-to-text engine, there will be mistakes in the transcript. However, our novel interface helps you to fix these quickly and easily by showing you alternative words and phrases that were considered but rejected. You can instantly switch to one of these words, or skip a word, simply by clicking a button. If any are missing or incorrect, you can add or replace them by typing in the right word.

When you're finished, the transcribed text is copied straight into your clipboard, ready for you to use wherever you need it.