Smart White Noise App

Snug helps you or your baby fall into a deep sleep using soothing and calming sounds. Its unique monitor feature detects when your baby cries and helps them back to sleep. The timer slowly fades down the sound after a set duration. It can even use your phone’s screen to provide soft mood lighting.


Unique feature that detects crying and automatically plays sound on a timer

Perfectly looped sounds

Professionally recorded in the highest quality stereo

Protects your privacy

Runs offline, without internet access


Stops playing sound after a set duration


Slowly fades down the sound over a set period

Night light

Can use the screen as a night light, with adjustable colour temperature

Runs in background

Works when phone is in standby, controllable from the lock screen


Works with all phones since 2015 (Android 5.0)

Works offline

Works offline. No internet connection required.