SubZone reviewed by Audio Unleashed

Chris Baume | 02 Feb 2024 | 1 min

We very nearly missed this but back in August, SubZone was reviewed by the Audio Unleashed podcast. Run by veteran audio reviewers Brent Butterworth and Dennis Burger, the podcast is described as a “totally unfiltered, freewheeling, fearless discussion [of] the world of audio”. They purchased their own copy so we were braced for a fully independent examination by industry experts 😬

The full review starts at 9 mins 30 secs and is about ten minutes long. We’ve created a summary of the review that you can watch below:

Credit: Audio Unleashed

We were really blown away by all the wonderful things they said. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

  • “I’ve always had trouble with sub placement and within 30 seconds of using this app, I realised there are so many more good subwoofer placement options”
  • “This thing helped me make a decision that I’ve been vacillating about for six months now”
  • “You know they put some serious, serious work into this thing”
  • “Worth a buck all day long and twice on Sundays”

Many thanks to Brent and Dennis for their kind words 😊


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